What is Lukla?

Lukla is a cloud based file management system, used by collaborative businesses. Lukla uses folder-less file organization, with a powerful and intuitive naming protocol, to quickly find and edit documents from anywhere in the world.

file management
made easy.

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Can't find a file because everyone is using their own system?

Teams choose Lukla when traditional cloud-based file sharing software can’t keep up to the demands of large organizations. Lukla improves:

How it works

You need to share a file with your team.

It's for a project based in Dubai, that needs to be shared with colleagues in Calgary and London before tomorrow's meeting.

Login to Lukla and drag in the file.

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Upload File Name


Fill out the document information which auto-generates a file name and uploads to the cloud. Rather than using folders, Lukla uses Anchors™. Anchors™ help you find and manage documents intuitively without confining it to a folder.

File Name Title Date Updated
192-{{anchor1}}-{{anchor2}}-({{selectedSource.value}}){{selectedType.value}}-({{version}}~{{selectedStatus.value}}) Base Camp Setup Contract July 16, 2022







File Name Title Date Updated
192-{{anchor1}}-{{anchor2}}-({{selectedSource.value}}){{selectedType.value}}-(6~{{selectedStatus.value}}) Base Camp Setup Contract July 16, 2022
File Name Date Updated
192-{{anchor1}}-{{anchor2}}-({{selectedSource.value}}){{selectedType.value}}-(5~{{selectedStatus.value}}) July 24, 2022
192-{{anchor1}}-{{anchor2}}-({{selectedSource.value}}){{selectedType.value}}-(4~{{selectedStatus.value}}) July 17, 2022
192-{{anchor1}}-{{anchor2}}-({{selectedSource.value}}){{selectedType.value}}-(3~{{selectedStatus.value}}) July 12, 2022
192-{{anchor1}}-{{anchor2}}-({{selectedSource.value}}){{selectedType.value}}-(2~{{selectedStatus.value}}) July 3, 2022
192-{{anchor1}}-{{anchor2}}-({{selectedSource.value}}){{selectedType.value}}-(1~{{selectedStatus.value}}) June 23, 2022

You received the approved version and see all file activity and properties.

Rather than manually organizing 20,000 files associated to a project, Lukla organizes and simplifies your project documents by collapsing revisions into one file.

Say goodbye to

  • lost files
  • overwriting
  • duplicates
  • inconsistencies

Say hello to Lukla

File management made easy

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